Buy Cheap Meerschaum pipes






First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in my web shop. The redevelopment of my web shop is continuing at the moment.In the near future the web shop will be fully integrated with the paypal and be ready for your service.


Now I will tell you how to buy my unique meerschaum each pipe or cigar/cigarette holder, 100% handmade, lifetime guarenteed, used block and first qualitymeerschaum, carved myself and master carvers working with me.


1. The products are categorized for you to be able to surf easily.

2. First you decide which category pipe to buy. Then write down on a piece of paper the item number of the pipe you want to buy on the upper part of the left side of the page.(etc. IEC15)

3. Then you select one of the three cases you see below. Each pipe/cigar or cigarette holder comes with one blue or red case or fitted case. ( You will not pay extra cost for he case or fitted case)


The Fitted Case


4. Which cargo service do you want me to send your pipe to you ?

* Cost of the FEDEX 10.90 USD for one item.(3-6 Days)

* Cost of Standard flat rate service is 6.90 USD for one item(15-20 Days)

*If you want to buy second item you only pay 50% of the shipping costfor the second item.


5. Then please Whatssapp or e-mail the item number, the case you prefer, and shipping service(cargo) to the address below



6.After getting your e-mail I will send you the invoice through paypal. (The invoice will be sent to you in eight hours at the latest )


7.Please pay after checking the item number and the cost of the pipe. As you know paypal is very dependable way of paying and if you have problem regarding to the buying paypal will take charge and if you are right then the money will be refunded. But we will neverlet you claim to paypal because we will fix the problem and there will be no need to claim to paypal at any time.The feedback in ebay is proof of our dependability.